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Introduction to Digital Dental Photography

The english version will be available at the end of June 2017

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Study digital dental photography comfortably from your home.

In 13 video clips you will get the necessary knowledge to create high-quality dental photographs:

In the first part, you will learn the necessary photographic basic knowledge:

You’ll learn about camera types, lenses, exposure parameters and color management.

In addition, you will get many valuable tips on the necessary equipment, such as flash units, cheekbars, photo-mirrors, image processing software and much more!

The course is only in depth, as is necessary to master the special requirements of the digital dental photography.

In the second part you accompany the author in practice.
He shows you how he takes pictures intraorally and how he created medical documentary portraits.

The course is rounded off by a video tutorial for image processing on the computer:

Accompany the author with his workflow on the computer and learn how to import images, edit them to get the most out of the pictures, manage and store them.

The english version of the course will be available at the end of June, 2017.
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Content of the Course

Part 1 (Theoretical Part):

01 Welcome and Introduction
02 Why Digital Dental Photography?
03 Basics of Exposure – The Exposure Triangle
04 Basics of Camera Operation – Exposure Control
05 Whitebalance and Color Management
06 Cameras and Digital Camera Sensors / RAW vs JPEG
07 Lenses
08 Depth of Field
09 Special Equipment for the Digital Dental Photography

Part 2 (Practical Part):

10 Intraoral Pictures
11 Medical documentary Portraits
12 Digital Workflow on the Computer
13 Conclusion

Dr. Michael-Kurt Prüfert

Dr. Michael-Kurt Prüfert

Originally, Dr. Prüfert wanted to study photography after graduating high school, but decided instead to study dentistry.

After completing his studies, he worked as a software and video producer for Deutsche TV, a subsidiary of the publishing house Quintessenz-Verlag.

After the ‘dot-com crash’ in 2001, he returned to dentistry, completed his internship, and opened his own practice in 2005.

He also continued to supervise projects at Quintessenz, and worked for them as a freelance writer and project manager from 2010 to 2016.

Since graduating from dental college he has completed further training, qualifying as an Expert in New Learning Technologies at the Fachhochschule Furtwangen (Furtwangen University) and an Hypnosis Dentist at the DGZH (German society for dental hypnosis). He has also trained as a Business Coach with Eugen Simon, and has received diplomas in both Digital Marketing and Basic Psychology.

Dr. Prüfert completed his doctorate at the University of Freiburg in 2014, and successfully completed his endodontic studies at Fortbildungsinstitut der Zahnärztekammer Hamburg (institute for further education of the Chamber of Dentists Hamburg) in 2015.

However, he never lost his love of photography, and has entered selections of his work with success in various competitions.

Then last year, he came up with the idea of combining his many years of experience in dentistry, photography, and as a writer and project manager with Quintessenz, into a course that could provide the knowledge necessary for practitioners to use dental photography as a documentation, communication and marketing tool.

The english version of the video “Why digital dental photography?” will be available soon.

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